For art i have made 3 picese so far on is a print on a white pice of paper with purple paint and i have made a splater paint pice and a clay pice


it’s 2019! a new year and i am excited for missoula this year the play is robin hood i am super excited and look forward to seeing what my part will be.


What i am being : for Halloween I am being little red riding hood

school Halloween : i am in students council and we are going to do a haunted house and a party it is going to be really fun!!!!!!

trick or treating: this year for trick or treating i am so excited are family is basically all going to take the same rout but if we want we can go with however we want but we have to take the same route i am so excited!!!!!!!

on the weekend

On the weekend me my mom my brothers my sister my grandma and I are going down island first we will make a stop in black creek to drop of my grandma and one of my brothers and then we will continue on and go to Courtney and spend a night with our friends and then we will drive back to black creek, pick up my brother and grandma and go back to sointula and that is what I am doing this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer 2018

This summer we went to lots of places but i will start from the beginning.

firs we went to comox for 1 night and then we went to Victoria for 3 nights and after that we went to hornby for 7 nights and then we went to Roberts creek for 4 nights and after that we went back to Victoria for 7 nights and then after that we went nelson for 3 nights and then after that we went to the rocky mountains for 3 nights and then back to Victoria for 2 nights and then we went to black creek for 1 night and then went home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

French directions

Comance a la bibliothèque march devent con tu et proch de la Ferry et turn goush prosh de la co-op et pui march devent con tu et prosh de un grand champ et pui march devent et turn doit et march devent et pui tu et a la école!!!!!!!! 

School is fun

I think school is fun because you get to see your friends. We also get to go outside 4 times my favorite subjects are gym, language arts, fine arts and music I also like the author subjects but they are not my favorite one’s.That is why I like school ! 

Things I like to do!


There are many things I like to do! I like to play with my puppy Winter and sew on my sewing machine.  Although I can sew I cannot not bake too much because it makes a mess. I also like to play tether ball!  What do you like to do?


For Missoula Theater I am a younger sister called Sally May. Our first show is on Friday night; our next show is on Saturday morning.The play we are doing is Beauty Lou and the Country beast. It is going to be super fun!